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Purps Place Album Review: Big Rela- Scumbag Original: The Gospel Of Rela

In honor of the [dead] P.o.e.t.s. “Guts n Glory” kicking off April 8th in Ft Lauderdale, I’ll be reviewing “Scumbag Original: The Gospel of Rela” by [dead] P.o.e.t.s. own Big Rela. If you’re looking for a detailed summary then get the fuck out of here. This is my opinion of the album song by song while im blowing on an ounce of the Purple Urkel.

1) Tha New Testament by Mars- Horrorcore superstar Mars delivers a testament to Big Rela in this humorous intro with a lines like “I’ve seen this nigga try to smoke pop rocks out of a glass pipe… And still blow out a big ass cloud” Lol. In my opinion a great intro 10/10

2) Gather Round Me- Rela kicks the album off in style on this laid back beat. Maybe it’s just the weed but this track really has a hypnotizing feel to it and the lyrics are a nice breath of fresh air compared to all the usual trap music out there nowadays. Great way to kick off this album. 9/10

3) Scumbag Anthem ft Mr. Rage, Tommy Gunz and JM Blakk- This track lives up to its name. Definitely a hood anthem. Tommy Gunz kicks it off with a hard ass verse making his presence felt on the track. JM Blakk is up next with a great flow that really gets your head bobbing to the track. Rela up next with what is the hardest verse of the track. I’m supposed to be writing as I listen to this album but I’ve replayed this track 3 times already so I gotta give it a 10/10

4) Soy La Mierda ft Dislocated Boner- Real nice beat to this one!!! For those of you who don’t understand Spanish, soy la mierda translates to “I’m the shit” and the hook makes that clear for all of you. Again, sick flow by Rela. Dislocated Boner takes the second verse with a solid verse. Might be ear fatigue but it sounds like he falls off beat once or twice during his part. Otherwise, good track. 7.5/10

5) Neck Snap Muzik- Many people consider this track to be a diss to SKR and Sicktanick, I wont say if it is or not, you can take it how you want to take it. If I were to take it as a diss track then I gotta say he killed them in this track. Like he says “If you go against the poets, you go against the best”. He kills the fucking track and the Mike Tyson sample is the icing on the cake. 10/10

6) Serial Killas ft Mars, Kung Fu Vampire, Grewsum, Vice Gripp, and J Reno- The horrorcore song of the year for 2010 voted by fans and you can tell why if you listen to it. Mars kicks off the trackm great verse, style almost takes me back to some old school shit then Rela comes in with fire ass flow before Vice Gripp comes in, I just hoped Vice had a longer part in this track. This track got me hyped the fuck up lol. Kung Fu Vampire next with a sick verse and that’s coming from someone who’s not much of a KFV fan. Grewsum and has pretty sick verse in here but it doesn’t stick out as much as the others. Still good though. J Reno spit’s a really solid verse on here. Great track with Rela, Mars and Kung Fu Vampire shining the most. 10/10

7) 4HeavenSake Interlude- Nice beat on this one, im really diggin the piano with 4HeavenSake speaking on Rela. Not much to rate here but based on the beat ill give it a 9/10

8) Risky Business ft Dyce, Sixx Shoota and Soulja C- Real nice beat with a sick hook who I think is Sixx Shoota, I may be wrong, I‘m ripped.. First verse I’m fuckin loving it. Rela taking the second verse with a nice fast flow. Im always a sucker for fast flows. Third verse is Soulja C who just takes the track over the edge with another sick verse. This track is straight heat! So far one of my favorite tracks off the record. 10/10

9) Tha Shit Im On- Nice old school sounding beat got me leaning right away. It’s beats like this where I think Rela shines the most with his lyricism. Nice scratches on the track as well. This track don’t fall off at all. 10/10

10) Everybody is a Killa ft Squire Zama- This was the first track that got leaked of “Scumbag Original” with a beat that really reminds me of some thing off of “Wu Tang Forever”. Lyricism on point as usual putting the fakes in their place. Rela goes harder than usual on this sick track. Squire Zama has a sick verse on this on it too although it is short but he gets his point across. 9/10

11) Touch The Sky ft Vice Gripp and Dashius Clay- Im already fucked up but for this track I had to break the Codeine to get me leaning a little more. Another type of beat you’d hear on “Wu Tang Forever”. This track got me real hypnotized lol. Great verse by Rela. Vice Gripp really shines with his flow on this track though. The first time I heard this track was the first time I heard Dashius Clay and it made me an instant fan. Great flow by all 3 with a great hook. 10/10

12) Neva Know ft Soulja C and Killuh Trakz- A real mesmerizing beat on this one with Soulja C kicking off the track. Again great verse by him. The record really made me a Soulja C fan, he almost reminds me of a young C Murder. He also spit’s a great hook. Rela really shines with his verse on this. Its my first time hearing Killuh Trakz and he doesn’t disappoint, nice flow and lyrics on point. Good track. 9/10

13) Out of Time- Personally this is my favorite track off the album. We get to see a different side of Rela on this very heartfelt track. Dedicated to the memory of Shannon Lee Parra with the being sung by Angelica Juliano. An all around beautiful emotional track. If this track doesn’t make you shed a tear then something is seriously wrong with you. 20/10

Overall this record is an instant classic and to top it off it’s a free record that definitely could sell plenty units if it was sold. Great album, cant wait to finally hear Front Toward Enemy and cant wait for Rela’s next solo project. 10/10.

You can download Scumbag Original for free at Psyko South's Official Website

I wanna give a shout out to the whole Psyko South camp and everyone else who was involved in making this amazing record. Tomorrow ill be continuing this promo for [dead] P.o.e.t.s. by reviewing Vice Gripps most recent record “Outlaw Music”. Till then everyone, be safe.

DJ Purp

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